Why Your Legacy Matters

You may have heard that “leaving a legacy” is important to nonprofits like the Sisters of Providence.

But what makes legacy giving so different from writing a check or donating online?

Legacy gifts…

  1. Focus on the future.

    The support we receive from annual gifts each year is critical. But a legacy gift is like a support system we can count on to help us continue our mission for generations to come.

    Ask yourself: If you could live forever, would you continue to help the causes close to your heart? If the answer is yes, a legacy gift can immortalize your support.

  2. Don’t affect your current finances.

    You can take care of your top priorities — yourself and your loved ones — now while providing for the Sisters of Providence in the future.

    Two of the most popular gift types:

    • A gift in your will: A few sentences is all it takes to include us in your will.
    • A beneficiary designation gift: Name us as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, IRA, donor advised fund or life insurance policy.
  3. Help you recognize the role of the Sisters of Providence in your life.

    If the Sisters of Providence has had a significant impact on your life or the life of someone you love, a legacy gift is a heartfelt way to honor that relationship.

Through your legacy gift, you have a special chance to reflect the dedicated supporter you are today far into the future. And, if you tell us about this gift now, we can ensure it is used exactly as you intend.

We would be honored to discuss how your impact can last far into the future. Please contact Cami Pritchett at 812-535-2807 or cpritchett@spsmw.org.